Missouri Internet Courses

Winning Edge: Being Successful, Yet Ethical - 2.0 GE
In this course the student will review the meaning of ethics and it's implications in 21st century society. In addition five principles will be explored in-depth. These principles are the "ethical keys to success" or those that will provide the agent "the winning edge" in practice today.

Life & Health
Annuities - 5.0 LH
In this course the student will review the different types of annuities, their features, guarantees, and how they work. Whether you are a new agent or a seasoned veteran this course will provide a thorough review of this important financial planning product. 

Life Insurance - 4.0 LH
This course reviews the origin and development of life insurance and it's regulation. Policy provisions including those required and discretionary will be discussed. Methods of determining how much insurance is enough will also be examined.

Life Insurance: The Product And It's Development - 4.0 LH
In this course the student will review the development of the life insurance industry. Special emphasis will be given to the extensive tax law changes of the 1980's. Contract law and how it relates to life insurance will be examined. In addition the student will have an in-depth review and comparison of policy provisions found throughout the life insurance contract.

Long-Term Care: Addressing Challenges Lying Ahead - 4.0 LH
This course reviews Medicare and Medicare Supplements as well as Medicaid. Understanding each, points to the need for Long-term Care Insurance. Qualified and Non-qualified forms will be discussed as well as provisions found in a typical policy.

Understanding Long-Term Care - 4.0 LH
In this course, the student will review the coverage provided by Medicare and Medicare Supplements. Finally, the student will review what is meant by the term "qualified long-term care plan", the typical provisions in such a policy, as well as the market for it.
Property & Casualty
Commercial Auto Policy - 4.0 PC
This course discusses the basics of the commercial auto policy; the differences between the commercial auto and personal auto forms will be examined. The coverage symbols will be discussed as well as the agent's ability or opportunity to broaden or limit coverage.

Commercial General Liability - 3.0 PC
This course reviews the ISO CGL form. The difference between occurrence and claims made will be discussed as well as policy exclusions and other key features.

The Personal Auto Policy – 4 (Only 1 Personal Auto Course Please!!!) - 4.0 PC 
In this course the student will review the personal auto policy. Special attention will be given to exclusions pertaining to each coverage as well as how coverage appies to rental cars. The discussion will be based on coverage extended by the ISO personal auto policy. Although this exact form is not used by many companies its provisions are the foundation for most personal auto contracts.

Workers Compensation Revised - 4.0 PC
This course reviews the basics of workers compensation. It includes background pertaining to the products' development as well as general aspects of the form. The course is not intended to be state specific but rather provides an overview of the product in general.