Agency Contact / Marketing Assistance

Do you ever need an extra set of hands around the office, to help run a campaign, collect information, make telephone calls to set appointments, or prospect? In other words, we can do almost anything you would hire someone else to do, only at less cost. Would you like to increase your retention rate, as well as your customer satisfaction rate? How about just generating more Revenue? Instead of hiring a licensed, or non-licensed representative, why not give us a call? We have years of experience, will call only those you direct us to, we discreetly protect and safeguard your info, we are inexpensive compared to the traditional cost of hiring, licensing, educating, and training. We can do almost anything from prospecting, to marketing, setting appointments, and even Thank You and Birthday retention calls!

Don’t make the same mistake some other agencies make, call us today! We have customized pricing to fit almost any budget or need, saving you dollars, and increasing revenues. A Win – Win!!!

Give us a call today to start working smarter, not harder!
Call Ron at 785-483-8552 

(Available in Kansas Only)