In House Customized CE Training

Tired of traveling for CE Training, or ever wish you could train all your staff at one time, saving time, and money?

Why not starting this year, you give us a call, to take care of that for you? We will customize your training, per your needs, at a very affordable customized price to fit almost any budget. Most customers see a significant reduction in agency CE cost! And why not enjoy your new CE educational program every year, as not all staff may come due at the same time, or in the same year. Our customized program can be created to fulfill your yearly needs, either in a live on location class, or virtually live over your computers.

Either way, we will try and work to make it fit your needs! Save money, save time! A Win – Win for you!

Call Ron at 785-483-8552 

(Available in Kansas, Missouri, and South Dakota Only)