Secret Shopper

Have you ever wondered about what your customer thinks about your agency, or the way you do business? Does your agency present a winning professional image? Is your business an inviting, comfortable, confidence instilling place to be? What does your sells process look like, feel like? Many agencies make the mistake of not knowing what or how their customers feel about quoting new business, or continuing to do business with their agent! Stop losing money due to poor or unprofessional impressions! Many sells are made from first impressions, for often times they are lasting impressions! Answer? Give us a call, we will secret shop your agency, shop quotes, shop service. We typically will shop your place of business, over the phone, on the internet, visit you on social media, and even in person. We will look at your image, your sales/service process, your staffing, all from the eyes of a client. Then after were done shopping, we will provide you with a professional, honest assessment of our findings. All our work is geared to help you increase sales, save money, and improve retention! A Win – Win for you!

Stop working harder, and start working smarter!

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(Available in Kansas Only)