Community Colleges

Since the 1990's, Wyatt Training works with various community colleges in Iowa and Kansas to present a number of cost-effective programs. We understand the community colleges' needs and requirements. As a result, Wyatt Training is able to deliver turnkey programs.

One method of training growing in popularity is distance learning using fiber optic networks. Wyatt Training has had experience with this method in Iowa. This method has proven quite effective in bringing CE to areas that otherwise might not have the attendance to justify a seminar.

Also since 2000, Wyatt Training has been marketing CE programs via the Internet through community colleges across Kansas, Iowa and South Dakota. These courses are available at the schools' computer labs and advertised by both the colleges and Wyatt Training.

Students contact the college and schedule a time to go through the course. Upon completion, results are sent to Wyatt Training and a course certificate is issued. Each month, Wyatt Training bills the colleges for the courses completed. In September 2000, 25 colleges and 30 sites were participating in this form of insurance CE delivery.

Internet courses present another opportunity for community colleges to cost-effectively provide insurance CE. Now areas that may not have had the attendance to justify a live seminar or access to a fiber optic network can offer CE programs on the internet.