Wyatt Training

On-site Training

One of the most popular services available to organizations today is the in-house seminar. These programs can follow one of three general formats:

  • An organizational meeting held for the sole purpose of continuing education
  • A portion of a regularly scheduled meeting day devoted to CE; the CE program built around specific company forms, used for new product introduction
  • CE programs used in connection with agent recruitment.

With any of these options, programs can be built around company contracts and delivered to your organization when it is most convenient - including evenings and weekends. Wyatt Training makes it easy for you by providing all handouts, making all required filings and maintaining all records. These programs can be agent-pay-all, company pay, or a combination. Regardless of the situation, your organization will receive a program tailored to your needs at a cost per person that is less than the CE that is individually purchased.