Kansas Information


Closed book exams are required to be monitored by a proctor.

Proctor cannot be related to the agent by work or family!

A proctor can be someone in their office IF they are considered an “equal” employee. NOT someone who is their supervisor OR someone the test taker/agent supervises.

The proctor forms are not required by the State of Kansas; it is the form provided by the course provider. However, it is in the state's statute that the agent is required to have a proctor.

The CE Providers are just doing what they are supposed to be doing based on state regulations.

KS Regulation States:
Examination monitors shall not be affiliated in any way with the providing organization or the licensee and shall be subject to approval by the commissioner or the commissioner’s designee. Each examination utilized or to be utilized shall be included in the material submitted for course approval. No examination shall be approved unless the commissioner is satisfied that security procedures protecting the integrity of the examination can be maintained. If security is compromised, no credit shall be granted.

Fellow co-worker who is equal to them (cannot be someone they supervise and it cannot be someone who is their supervisor)

Please visit the Kansas Division of Insurance Website for more information.